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Decolonize Your Mind | Holographic Sticker

Decolonize Your Mind | Holographic Sticker

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First Mural post 2022' Floods for the wonderful humans at Timbré Lismore; an ethical coffee company with partnerships with PNG communities.

As non Indigenous Australians we have a responsibility to go through a process of decolonizing our way of thinking. To reflect on how systemic racism has subtly been embedded in our subconscious and how that informs our day to day decisions, beliefs and how we can better pay respect to the oldest living culture on the planet. Acknowledging that sovereignty has never been ceded and that this always was, always will be Aboriginal Land. 

Home of the Black Fulla Book Club the space will centre and amplify indigenous voices, invite conversations and create an inclusive Community Space. 

**All proceeds from the ‘Decolonize Your Mind’ stickers will be donated to ‘The Healing
Foundation’ a National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisation that provides a platform to amplify the voices and lived
experience of Stolen Generations survivors and their families.
Working with communities to create a place of safety, providing an environment for Stolen Generation Survivors and their families to speak for themselves tell their own stories and be in charge of their own healing.
Promoting trauma-aware, healing-informed practices to help government, policymakers and workforces understand their role in
intergenerational healing.
The Healing Foundation is governed by a First Nations Board and Executive and is guided in their work by our Stolen Generations and Youth Reference Groups.
Their work honors our First Nation ancestors to ensure our future generations continue to thrive for the next 60,000 years.

Intergenerational trauma is something I am very passionate about. The past holds the information that can set us free, the road map to do better and the wisdom to develop compassion and understanding for those who came before us.
We are not the sum of what lays behind us, but how we carry and write our stories forward.

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