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Stroud de' Signs

Take Up Space | Holographic Stickers

Take Up Space | Holographic Stickers

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Lettering for a mural painted at Flock Espresso & Eats (R.I.P) | Lismore 2020

There is a specific and unique space in the world made just for you. Like a puzzle piece only you can slip into the edges and be embraced by it. Don't let anyone deny you this place, yourself included. It is defined by you, none can tell you how to ware it, dance in it, sing in it, how to express in it, what it loOks like or it's purpose, those are your terms to define. Make them limitless and elastic. Don't be modest with the space you inhabit and don't be put off by those who don't understand it or greet you with negativity. Your shine casts a shadow upon a part of them who wishes for the grace of such space to be afforded to them, show them how, show them what is possible whit an outreached hand just how much space there really is...

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